Equipment preventive maintenance checklist template

Developments in technology during the past decade have transformed and shaped how we conduct our lives. From travel, to healthcare and medical advances, to banking, to communication and more, the increasing evolution of technology has touched almost every aspect of day-to-day activities.

In general, advances in computer technology have made it possible to do things better, faster and smarter. One area in which computerization has emerged and shown itself to be exceptionally helpful is in the maintenance and facility management arena.

Until the past couple of decades, companies managed their operations using a pencil and paper approach consisting of hard copy invoices, receipts, purchase and work orders, inventory lists and memos. Purchasing and work orders often took days to fill, resulting in valuable time lost and production delays. Needless to say, these approaches are time consuming, cumbersome and unresponsive to the increasing demands for lean and efficient company operations.

The current economic climate has resulted in an increasing number of companies turning toward Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS systems as their facility management solution. This improvement has led to extended equipment lifespans, improved organization, better time management and labor utilization and ultimately, reduced operational costs and increased company profits. At the core of an efficiently managed operation, is well-maintained equipment and assets.

Poorly maintained equipment generally results in unanticipated breakdowns, costly repairs and often equipment replacement. Conducting regular preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid unforeseen equipment failure while also prolonging their lifespans. When it comes the preventative maintenance, CMMSs provide a checklist of all tasks involved in maintaining each piece of equipment as well as create routine schedules, send notifications and reminders, and generate reports.

The ability to conduct routine preventative maintenance PMs is a major reason companies are attracted to maintenance software systems. The following are six things to be considered when developing an effective preventative maintenance checklist. Just as computers will not produce useful information without knowledgeable people to run them, it is also true that a preventative maintenance program will not be effective without the right people to oversee and do the work.

When it comes to operating a CMMS run preventive maintenance programselecting individuals from top management, maintenance managers, maintenance technicians, and any other staff who understands the way the system operates is essential. Specifically, this could include people skilled in data processing, accounting and craftsmen, as well as members of production and production control. Every company is unique in terms of its operation, resources and industry. When setting specific goals, these factors should be kept in mind since the scope of a PM plan is largely dependent upon the size and structure of a company.

Before a preventive maintenance checklist can be initiated, it is important to becoming familiar with company equipment as well as establish a baseline on its usage. To do this, the make, model and serials numbers of each piece of equipment need to be documented along with all maintenance guidelines as well as specifics on installations, repairs and parts replacement.

Once this is done, the functioning of a piece of equipment should be assessed. To do this, machine downtime, meantime-between-failure i. Utilizing this information, it is then possible to calculate the average cost of one hour of downtime.

The above data will form a baseline from which a preventive maintenance program can later be evaluated. Once a detailed inventory list is in place, then the next step is to make decisions about which equipment pieces should be included in a PM program.

CMMSs have the ability to create different preventive maintenance schedules based on prior equipment maintenance history, maintenance standards for individual assets, inspection times, technician availability, equipment location and production downtime.

Keeping these factors in mind ensures optimal maintenance with minimal operations disruption.Preventative maintenance is the maintenance which is regularly performed on an asset or piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing.

Unlike repairs or rectifications, preventative maintenance is performed when the machine, asset or equipment is working, so that it doesn't break down unexpectedly or malfunction at an important time during use. The two main types of preventative maintenance are:. While not as 'sexy' as many of the shiny new objects in construction and heavy industries, preventative maintenance is an incredibly necessary strategy, and one which can dramatically reduce accidents and incidents as well as save huge amounts of money in the long run.

The main mechanism by which companies perform preventative maintenance checks is the simple and reliable checklist. The preventative maintenance checklist template to the right is a good example of what this may look like if you are conducting preventative maintenance on a building or structure.

Preventative maintenance checklists share many commonalties, as they all serve the same purpose of guiding an inspector, auditor or operator through a series of basic checks which outline that all of the essential elements have been checked - and surface any outstanding issues. You can use this template and reliable pre-built framework as is, and also customise the template by adding, editing or removing checklist fields as you want.

Dashpivot is user friendly software used by workers and companies across the industries. Streamline and automate the maintenance request process to make maintenance requests easy and painless for everyone. Improve how your teams conduct, organise and action field service reports with this smart template. Ensure your super valuable excavators are maintained and taken care of using this checklist template. Use this template now.

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This preventative maintenance checklist template makes maintenance checklists quick, easy and organised for everyone. The two main types of preventative maintenance are: Time-based - maintenance is performed at scheduled intervals or a known 'cadence' Usage-based - The trigger for maintenance in this case is the number of hours, distance travelled or amount of 'work' done While not as 'sexy' as many of the shiny new objects in construction and heavy industries, preventative maintenance is an incredibly necessary strategy, and one which can dramatically reduce accidents and incidents as well as save huge amounts of money in the long run.

Improve how you conduct and manage preventative maintenance using this smart template. Preventative Maintenance Checklist template Free and editable. Preview the full template. Use this preventative maintenance checklist template for yourself. Preview this smart preventative maintenance checklist below. Open a checklist entry and try editing the template itself. Use this preventative maintenance checklist template for free. This preventative maintenance checklist is powered by Dashpivot, meaning you can easily:.

Other popular maintenance templates you can use for free now. Maintenance Request Form template Streamline and automate the maintenance request process to make maintenance requests easy and painless for everyone.Nothing will stop your business cold like a refrigeration equipment meltdown.

Having a refrigeration preventative maintenance checklist will help you complete routine commercial refrigerator maintenance tasks that will prevent untimely breakdowns and headaches. Clean the equipment. Though the fast pace of your kitchen lends itself to food and beverage spills and little time for prompt cleanup, it is an imperative that you clean drips and splatters on a timely basis as part of your daily commercial refrigerator maintenance program.

The longer you let a spill settle, the harder it will be for you to clean it without the use of a potentially harmful cleaning agent. Uncleaned spills can lead to unpleasant odors effecting the quality of your ingredients and mold growth that can jeopardize the safety of your food.

40+ Equipment Maintenance Log Templates

Check settings. Another simple item on your refrigeration preventative maintenance checklist is to check your temperature and defrost frequency settings daily.

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If the temperature is set lower than necessary, your system will be working too hard, which can shorten its life. If the unit is too cold, ice could form, especially on liquids.

equipment preventive maintenance checklist template

On the other hand, if your temperature is not cool enough, your food could spoil. Defrost on schedule. Defrosting your unit too often is creating unnecessary work for your refrigerator. Clean out units to prevent crowding. No one likes to be packed in like sardines; even the sardines.

When coming up with a refrigeration preventative maintenance checklist, make sure to include a reminder on overcrowding. The air will not be able to freely circulate in a refrigerator packed to the gills, which will make the unit work harder to maintain its set temperature.

Clear the area to maximize airflow. Besides the proper interior airflow, do not overlook exterior airflow issues. Unfortunately, kitchens are often cramped spaces. If you do, your unit will have to work harder to cool the food stored inside. This not only chews up electricity, it could bring about the premature end to your system. Inspect seals and fix leaks. Another regularly performed task on your refrigeration preventative maintenance checklist should be air leak inspections.

When the gaskets or seals on your doors are ripped or loose, air can escape, which is another reason why your unit might be overworked and your electric bill on the rise. Minor gasket leaks can be repaired with silicone caulk. If the doors are not properly aligned, cool air is likely escaping. This should be a monthly activity. Check interior lights. A lights-out refrigeration preventative maintenance checklist item is remembering to shut off the lights in your freezer or cooler.

It may seem trivial, but lights generate heat, which again is another reason your refrigeration units might be working harder than necessary.Preventive maintenance checklist template is shown to be extremely handy with regards to automating responsibilities that want to happen on a periodical basis but, have already been fairly dismissed because of the infrequency. The preventive maintenance formats are just like the excel-spreadsheet and it helps in listing the preventive maintenance schedules and tips according to your state of affairs and time foundation.

It really is user friendly and edit in numerous file formats. A few of the highest quality preventive maintenance schedule templates can certainly detect numerous PM sorts for each one bit of machines. They also can certainly specify distinctive intervals for the PMS strategies which include run-time hrs, calendar intervals, tension gauge readings, and another time measure technique.

You will discover some top quality PMS templates that you can download without cost. Nevertheless, the paid out kinds are more feature-rich. A maintenance checklist schedule for carrying out preventive maintenance is vital to obtain to make sure that preventive steps are completed regularly. This aids to avoid disasters in factories and lethal mishaps in development functions. A substitute teachers occupation is a person that is certainly far more challenging than it appears.

Frequently a substitute teacher Have you at any time sense hectic and troublesome to control the new employ and aged records? If yes this One of the best ways you could guantee that all cleaning go as planned is usually to use a cleaning Tags: building preventive maintenance checklist pdf. Related Posts. Search Here Search for:.Compensations are often determined by the time and quality of service rendered.

Because of this, every employer, by practice often keeps a log. They use this to monitor employee performance. This log will contain information relevant to current or accomplished work.

It will also contain information about the employees involved, time frames for the job, and so on. When hiring personnel paid on an hourly basis, this log will come in handy. There are several maintenance logs you can use to keep track of business property.

6 Items Your Preventive Maintenance Checklist Should Include

You can also use them to monitor services and equipment. You use these logs to make sure that they will retain their value in the future. Large companies and factories always possess a well-equipped equipment maintenance log. This will contain relevant information for different purposes. A very good example of a maintenance log is one used by car workshops.

They need these for future maintenance. This article is all about such logs. For company and business establishments, keeping a maintenance log is very important. It can be about equipment, employees, on-going projects, completed projects, and much more.

You can classify such company logs as either:. Anybody who has dealings with company policies will be familiar with this type of log. It generally contains the necessary data regarding an employee. It would include their names, positions, and current job assignments. It would also have information about their performances, job accomplishments, and scheduled assignments.

It will include their current status and their expected time of completion. This can help the company make adjustments. This log is a type of timetable for all the undergoing projects in the company. It also includes those projects which they have already completed.An equipment maintenance checklist template is a professional document used in large scale industries, companies and organizations.

It is useful tool of confirmation about all parts are properly working of any complicated machinery. It is essential for all the equipment should be inspected, tested and maintained by qualified and trained person having knowledge about different circumstances of complicated machinery. Usually, this activity is conducted daily or regularly for getting knowledge about the progress of machinery.

Companies and organizations prepare a schedule for checking, cleaning and analyzing the working capability of a machine but heavy machinery are inspected daily for avoiding costly maintenance or accidents. Generally, this document contains company name with a logo, date and time, signature of supervisor along with a brief summary of maintenance and checking parts which are crucial to inspect to prevent from any type of disaster.

A vehicle equipment maintenance checklist sample plays an important role in reducing risks and hazards. Many chemical and other complicated companies consume a precise checklist for their machinery or equipment for determining its situation and condition of progress.

It is a unique document having brief summary of parts and procedures which are important to review before using or start working. Preparing an equipment repair checklist template is a difficult task but no need to worry because we are available to fulfill your requirements. Your struggle is complete after reaching our website and no more efforts are required for searching a precise template. We offer a unique template for developing a precise equipment maintenance checklist conveniently. Our medical equipment maintenance checklist template helps you to secure your treasured time by providing opportunity to use our ready to use format.


Now your focus should be on details and information for creating on our Medical Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. It is impressively designed and created by experts and trained professionals with their beneficial skills and experiences. Our offered template can be able to use multiple times for various professional purposes according to your demand. You can easily make it and able to use without any adjustment in our offered format.

Our efficient equipment maintenance checklist template can be easily downloadable from our website. In these quick days, individuals are stressed over the wastage of time and searching for useful format for creating a report inside brief day and age.

equipment preventive maintenance checklist template

Our amazing format is very much intended be experts and made with their aptitudes and capacities. It is an editable format and you can without much of a stretch roll out a few improvements wanted to your commitment. You can expend our offered design numerous occasions for different expert purposes in light of your need. It is loaded up with superb substance and permits adequate space for making additional data.

Our commendable layout can spare your valuable time and ready to give different help. You can without much of a stretch get a splendid format by downloading it from our site. Vehicle Equipment Maintenance Checklist Sample. Equipment Repair Checklist Template. Medical Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. Construction Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. Printable Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. Boat Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template.

Truck Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. Refrigerator Equipment Maintenance Checklist Template. Smoke Alarm Maintenance Checklist Template. Equipment Preventive Maintenance Checklist Template.A Maintenance checklist template is typically pre-defined check points for verification and actions for any tasks or maintenance of any equipment. It may contain the specific details of regular checking aid points for an equipment to avoid any mistake or miss any check point.

Actually, checklist is a tool, used for define the points which may need to regular check for any equipment, place, system or methods to eliminate possibility of mistakes — mistakes in regular checking and verification.

The team are verifying all the points and requirements of maintenance to eliminate any malfunctioning and problems. And defines the standard checklist which will be helpful in regular maintenance verification and preventive tasks. If you really want to ensure the works are completed without anything missing, checklist is best options for those tasks verifications. The maintenance checklist template is one of the best solutions for automatic machinery, internal system as well as it may also use for improve the safety.

Here are some Example maintenance checklist templates:. This is monthly preventive maintenance schedule or checklist helps to manage weekly information.

Features Plant Inspection Excel Template

The checklist specifically designed for individual machine and supporting equipment such as lifts and crane etc. These checkpoints are pre-defined; hence it may use for preventive maintenance. It may include who will conduct the checking, where and what will be need to check.

Template Samples

Actually, it is easier for do preventive maintenance where multiple machinery and multiple equipment are engaged with individual machine. This is exclusive forklift maintenance checklist template only available with bstemplates. The template contains the most important maintenance check points which is regularly require for identify defective items to be repaired. Forklift operator or supervisor can have filled this template before the using this equipment. You have to provide detailed description of defect in the remarks column in case forklift is out of service.

Generally, this maintenance checklist having an all the specific points which will help you to identify any unusual sound, broken parts, out of order functions, electricity etc.

When organization working with multiple machinery in single unit, need to proper maintenance to each machine for smooth processes.

equipment preventive maintenance checklist template

Every organization knows the values of assess that should be properly maintenance tasks should perform at regular intervals. The maintenance team can identify the key values places and parts of machine for regular checking with simple auditing. And those key places and parts can note in specific checklist which needs for regular check for smooth regular operations.

Preventive maintenance is part of the total productive maintenance TPMand preventive maintenance checklist is a one of the important document to prevent issues with equipment. Here you can see the preventive maintenance checklist is containing the information and check points which may help to prevent bad occurrence with equipment.

Actually, preventive maintenance is different from reactive maintenance, it may prevent the event may harm the equipment. Generally, preventive maintenance checklist template should be preparing on based on calendar. It may daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly are in general. When the organization having a multiple machinery and equipment, weekly and biweekly maintenance and its schedule are the best option for verification by preventive maintenance checklist template.

This is unique preventive maintenance checklist specially use for Prevent Tool related maintenance. When organization frequently use the tools which is in part of the mechanical processes, that needs to maintenance at period intervals. And it should be conduct on preventive is important.

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Hence the tool preventive maintenance checklist is one of the best option to verify regular check and repair of tools which are in used of regular processes. Tool maintenance process is conducts same as inspection process, each tool is conduct and verify for these processes to ensure the further repair require or not.

Preventive maintenance checklist for tool may include the regular check points, specification about tools such as materials and dimensions etc. Generally in manufacturing units, machine maintenance checklists are often use for verify machine condition. Operator can perform this task daily or regular basis.

In case of biweekly or monthly checking process can be conduct with supervisor. It is extremely important that the company assets should be properly maintain and repair on period.


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